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Leakproof easy-to-open silicone lid
BPA, PVC and Phtalaten free
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    • Balanced portions-1

    Balanced portions

    Yumbox’s pre-portioned and nicely illustrated trays guide you to packing healthy and hassle-free lunches! There are various options for example the 6-compartment Yumbox Original, encouraging variety and healthy eating habits. The 4-compartment Yumbox Panino offering more volume for sandwich/salads, sides and your favourite dip or treat.

    • Leakproof Single Lid-1

    Leakproof Single Lid

    Pack applesauce next to crackers! Yumbox's unique single lid seals all compartiments individually. No leaking or spilling, no need for baggies or lost lids! Just everything together in one well sealed Yumbox!

    • Yumbox Original

      Yumbox Original

      The original leak-proof Yumbox bento style lunchbox has six compartments which make it easy to pack your own selection of healthy portions for a varied lunch. The silicone seals in the lid ensure the Yumbox Original is leak-proof.

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    • Yumbox Panino

      Yumbox Panino

      Perfect for sandwich lovers: the Yumbox Panino lunch box is ideal for sandwiches, wraps, salads and more! 1 big section and 3 little ones for a healthy and varied lunch. The Yumbox is leak-proof and has a single, easy-to-open lid.

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    • Yumbox Tapas XL

      Yumbox Tapas XL

      The Yumbox Tapas XL is our largest lunch box and is ideal for teens, adults or big eaters. Interchangeable 4 or 5 section trays! The 4 section tray easily fits 4 sandwiches in the large compartment. Leak-proof due to the silicone seal in the lid.

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    • Yumbox Snack

      Yumbox Snack

      Pack healthy snacks in the Yumbox Snack box with 3 sections. Ideal for break time, half days at school, afterschool activities, or in combination with a larger Yumbox (one for fruit and one for lunch) or with the Yumbox Zuppa thermos pot.

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    • Thermos bottles

      Thermos bottles

      Keep your water, juice or tea warm or cold all day long!

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    • Thermos food containers

      Thermos food containers

      Pack your favorite food: soup, pasta, stews, yoghurt, fruit salad or oatmeal porridge. The stainless steel insulated Yumbox Zuppa thermos container keeps food warm in winter and cool in summer. Drinks stay cold or hot for hours in the Aqua thermos bottle!

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    • Smoothie cups

      Smoothie cups

      Insulated reusable smoothie cups to keep your smoothie cool for up to 6 hours. Sustainable and durable!

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    • Coffee cups

      Coffee cups

      Bring your favourite coffee and drink it whenever it suits you! High quality and durable.

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    • Backpacks and Cooler bags

      Backpacks and Cooler bags

      Keep your lunch cool and fresh - with or without an icepack

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    • Accessories


      Bento accessories to make your lunch even more fun!

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    • Separate parts

      Separate parts

      Are you looking for an extra Yumbox lunch tray or exterior box? Or do you need a new latch? NB: Original tray only fits in Original exterior, Panino tray only fits in Panino exterior, Tapas tray only fits in Tapas exterior.

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