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Leakproof easy-to-open silicone lid
BPA, PVC and Phtalaten free
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  • Yumbox lunchboxes

    Yumbox lunchboxes

    • Yumbox Original

      Yumbox Original

      The original leak-proof Yumbox bento style lunchbox has six compartments which make it easy to pack your own selection of healthy portions for a varied lunch. The silicone seals in the lid ensure the Yumbox Original is leak-proof.

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    • Yumbox Panino

      Yumbox Panino

      Perfect for sandwich lovers: the Yumbox Panino lunch box is ideal for sandwiches, wraps, salads and more! 1 big section and 3 little ones for a healthy and varied lunch. The Yumbox is leak-proof and has a single, easy-to-open lid.

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    • Yumbox Snack

      Yumbox Snack

      Pack healthy snacks in the Yumbox Snack box with 3 sections. Ideal for break time, half days at school, afterschool activities, or in combination with a larger Yumbox (one for fruit and one for lunch) or with the Yumbox Zuppa thermos pot.

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    • Yumbox Tapas XL

      Yumbox Tapas XL

      The Yumbox Tapas XL is our largest lunch box and is ideal for teens, adults or big eaters. Interchangeable 4 or 5 section trays! The 4 section tray easily fits 4 sandwiches in the large compartment. Leak-proof due to the silicone seal in the lid.

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    • Yumbox Presto Stainless steel

      Yumbox Presto Stainless steel

      Yumbox Presto leak free Stainless steel Bento box lunchbox. Designed for children and adults. The stainless steel tray with 5 sections makes it easy to pack a healthy lunch for work, school, sport and travel.

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    • Yumbox Poke Bowl

      Yumbox Poke Bowl

      Discover the innovative Yumbox Poke Love Bowl: a versatile, convenient bowl for effortlessly combining your favourite ingredients into a delicious meal. Poke Bowls are incredibly popular! Now, you can make your own, save money, and enjoy healthy food!

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    • Yumbox Chop Chop

      Yumbox Chop Chop

      Make food prep and storage fast, easy and eco-friendly
      Store your food in high quality, lightweight containers with colourful silicone lids
      Save time and prep ahead for meals and snacks
      Foods stay fresh and tidy
      Pretty from fridge to table!

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